Keetha pink paint cup

My name is Keetha. I live in Mississippi. I like color (all of ’em) and art supplies and bookstores and conversations over coffee or wine and Brat Pack movies.

The most controversial belief I hold is that it’s never too early for Christmas decorations.*

I paint watercolors (which I guess makes me a watercolorist? I think that’s what the cool kids call it.), create mixed media pieces, and do hand lettering. I really love my art journal and my traveler’s notebook.

What about you? What do you like?

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I’m glad you’re here.


* To be clear, I put up decorations at home the weekend after Thanksgiving. I wouldn’t want them up any earlier but I don’t find it crazy when other people put theirs up days or weeks earlier. Nor do I find it offensive when stores get out Christmas decorations in September. I’m wild and crazy.