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Meet Lucy the Halloween Dog

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Lucy the Halloween dog

Lucy is my Mom’s Boston terrier. She’s a Halloween dog, a Christmas dog, an everything dog. Lucy puts the “high” in “high maintenance”. I’m really glad her home is with Mom and Dad, because my mother has a really generous and soft heart, especially when it comes to animals, meaning she’s super-patient, which is a good thing for Lucy.

The painting was a surprise fall happy for Mom. (I love giving fall happies.) I had lots of pictures of Lucy to refer to when I was working on it; she’s quite entertaining. Sometimes when we get together at Mom and Dad’s, we just sit and watch her run around. Most of the photos I have of her are a black-and-white blur. The picture I painted is not so much a portrait of Lucy as it is of Boston terriers in general.

Us and Boston terriers go way back. Meet Missy, who Mom had when she and Dad got married.

Missy, taken one Christmas in the early 1970s

Missy, taken one Christmas in the early 1970s

When I went through the photos I had gathered this one of Missy by the Christmas tree stopped me every time. It was taken in 1971, a month or so before I was born. That yellow shag carpet! In the background you can see part of a chair – we still have that chair. And the Christmas tree. Remember icicles? Some of those ornaments my parents still have. Mom hangs them on their tree every year.

The longer I looked at the photo, the more I saw. The wrapping paper – I love the designs! I love everything about the photo, down to the white border around the photo with the little black mark at the top. When I was little, I loved to look through photo albums. I especially liked coming across white-bordered photos because they usually meant I would see someone who I didn’t know at all and Mom would tell me that was her when she was a little girl or Dad when he played high school basketball or my grandparents when they were dating. It felt like traveling back in time and seeing them as they really were and not how I knew them.


When I came along, poor Missy was getting up and years. I imagine it was a lot of fun to have a spirited toddler sit and “pet” her with a stiff-armed whack.

Missy and me. Bless her heart.

Missy and me. Bless her heart.


A few years later, Dad gave Mom a Boston terrier puppy for Christmas. Her name was Holly.

That face.

That face.

What's cuter than a puppy on Christmas morning?

What’s cuter than a puppy on Christmas morning?

Besides Holly looking adorable, my favorite thing about this photo is the Christmas-morning mess all around. I still remember that feeling, the sweetness and magic Christmas morning brought.


Later we had Buster. His eyes were … prominent. A good friend of ours, trying to find something nice to say about bug-eyed Buster, said, “Well, you sure can tell when he’s looking at you, can’t you?”

Buster 1987


Then, Houston:

That speckled nose! I die!

That speckled nose! I die!


Then Lewis:

Sweet Lewis.

Sweet Lewis.

Lewis lived to be an old dog. We lost him just a few years ago. It hurt. Maybe nostalgia colors my memory but I don’t remember him being hyper as Lucy is.


Mom got Lucy for Mother’s Day just a couple of years ago.

Lucy on the left, our Bella on the right. Both of them: spoiled rotten.

Lucy on the left, our Bella on the right.  Both of them: spoiled rotten.

When I take photos, I deliberately try to include as much of the surrounding as I can. When I look back at the white-bordered photos that Mom has, the ones that show ordinary things – the refrigerator with magnets, the throw pillows on the couch, any of those little things – are the ones I find most arresting. (I wonder if my grandchildren will look at the photos I take now in the same way?)

Besides Lucy, my parents have Maggie, too, who is not a Boston terrier but who is one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever known.

Our life in dogs!

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Decorate your desktop

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Probably I should put a moratorium on how many times I am allowed to utter the words “fall” and “autumn” and “love”, especially during this time of year.  I want to pass that enthusiasm on to you so I’m sharing this desktop wallpaper you can download. Just right click the image to save to your computer.

I painted a fall plaid watercolor and then added my favorite fall words. (There’s that word again.)

Prints are available in the shop, too. I’ve got one hanging in our kitchen and it makes me happy because…autumn!

Pecan Street Post subscribers get a coupon code for a discount on the print or anything else in the store.


1680 x 1050:

fall plaid wallpaper 1680x1050


1920 x 1080:

fall plaid wallpaper 1920x1080


1366 x 768:

fall plaid wallpaper 1366x768


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This little gal

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Keetha watercolor a week Halloween


I painted this little doodle from a Halloween decoration. The process looked like this:
Keetha watercolor a week witch

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What looks like Halloween around here

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Keetha Halloween rosette

That’s about it.

So far.


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Workspace Wednesday*

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Last week it was a photo of my desktop. This week, the bulletin board/vision board/inspiration board that hangs above it. I changed it out over the weekend so it really catches my eye. You know, if you have something in your home and it’s always in the same place, after a while you stop seeing it? I want this hanging above my desk to draw my attention. It’s fodder for daydreaming and brainstorming.

Keetha DePriest vision board


And just for enjoyment, too. Eye candy.

Keetha DePriest ampersand

While I change out the images and textures, illustrations of the three values I hold dear: warmth, delight, and artistry are always posted on the board. In everything I do, I want to reflect these and/or create from them. I don’t guess I have to see the words literally spelled out before me and yet – seeing them every single day, especially first thing in the morning – I can’t help but think that infuses my work somehow.

Maybe that’s magical thinking but I’ll take it.

*I love the idea of having these – Watercolor a Week Tuesday, Workspace Wednesday, something-something Thursday. Now to just remember that we have these themes for each day.

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