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We got eight inches of snow the other day. This happens…never.

Here in Mississippi, two inches of snow is remarkable.

Weather forecasters assured us we’d get 3 to 6 inches of snow. I did not believe them; The Weather Channel has broken my heart before with its promises of snow.

This time, though, it happened!
Bella snow


Bella was all, “Hey!!! What the heck is this??”



Like being inside a snow globe! A Currier & Ives print!┬áIf it’s a winter cliche, I thought it and said it. Multiple times.






Schools closed for two days. My work presentations were cancelled. It was heavenly, being at home with the snow and books. Then we lost electricity for 23 hours, which was slightly less fun. Although it wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been. We have a gas stove top and gas hot water heaters so the most important things – coffee and hot showers – we had.



Come on in, sit a spell!




The camellias are a shame. They were blooming, pink and sweet. (It’s supposed to be 71 degrees on Tuesday. Go figure.)



Every time I looked out the kitchen window, I said, “This snow. I cannot get over this snow.” Our driveway and two streets are under the snow in this picture.





I’m already thinking I will paint a watercolor from this photo for this year’s Christmas card.