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Letter to my former self

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Dear you hand letter Keetha

You there with so many ideas and so many doubts about your ability to do them. You with the doubts that wonder if you’re capable, if you’re allowed, with the frustration that comes from these twin places – ideas and doubts!

Sparkly, shiny lovely ideas.

Ideas and the queasy doubt that comes with them.

You want a workbook, a syllabus that shows the steps in order. You want a system.

“There’s got to be a way!” you think.

You take another e-course, read another book.

The thing is, dear, lovely you, there is a way. It’s the way you make. Nobody can carve the path for you. Others can share what their path looks like and you can learn from it but, honey, it’s not yours.

Don’t think this means you can’t. You can. You totally can. No one is better suited than you to make the path. Fact is, you’re the only one who can.

All those people who look like they have it together, with their Pinterest-ready lives? Oh, honey, they don’t know, either. They’re having to find their way, too. They didn’t get the secret step-by-step guide, they really didn’t.

The only step-by-step guide is the one you write for yourself. The only way to write that guide is by doing.

You’re ready. You’re really, really ready.

You can do this.

You’re enough, and you can.

love me hand letter Keetha

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It’s back to school time here, which kicks off my favorite time of year.

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back to school Keetha

It’s like a marvelous stretch of gorgeous dominos, each one more sparkly than the one before.

It goes like this:

New school supplies


Cooler weather


Sweaters and jackets

— are you sensing Muppet arms? –

turning leaves

falling leaves

scent of fall

popcorn balls

soups and stews



All the magic that comes with Christmas

If only I could explain how giddy I am just from making this list. I’m smiling so hard right now.



Back to school kicks off the season. It’s my own new year. It feels like such a beginning.

pencils watercolor Keetha


Just the idea of fall makes my pulse quicken – the excitement, the possibilities. School-aged kids and college kids get to buy new pens and notebooks and crayons – it’s part of the rite of the season. We can, too!

watercolor pennant Keetha

We fully grown grownups can get our own it’s-a-new-start notebook, crisp and clean and smelling that wonderful new-notebook smell, and packages of pens and pencils.

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