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If I knew I could not fail, I would . . .

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Keetha green watercolor

This is the game I like to play the way most people love to answer, “If I won the lottery I would…”

If I knew I could not fail I would:

— Write, handletter, and illustrate books
— Organize creative workshops

When I started writing,  I imagined a much more complicated list. Until I took pen to paper  I  didn’t realize that doing two things, just two things, would mean winning my personal lottery, one that I could make happen rather than relying on chance.


Just two things.

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Watercolor rainbow

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keetha watercolor palette

I’ve been meaning to make a paint swatch of my watercolors for a while now and keep forgetting to do it!

The other day, I got in two new tubes of watercolor and I decided it was time. I knew I wanted the colors in rainbow order. I had to write out “Roy G. Biv” so I could remember. I always want my rainbows to start with the blue shades for some reason.

keetha watercolor palette close

When I was rearranging the little containers of color in the right order and painting little swatches of color, I came across two tubes I had forgotten I had. One is a gorgeous turquoise – so pretty – that I bought last year when I took an art journaling class from Pam Garrison at Donna Downey Studios.

The other tube was a red that I have no recollection of at all. When did I get it, I wonder? Probably in the fall when I was looking ahead to Christmas. I’m on a quest to find a good, strong red – not tomato-red, not fuschia-red, just RED. It was distressing not being able to find a good red to make holiday watercolors. I have four shades of red watercolor, none of them awful but none of them are quite right, either.

keetha palette on desk

While I was at it, I made another swatch card for my desk because the colors are so pretty.

When I finished filling all my little palettes with color and arranging them I realized that this palette that I got just a few months ago is almost full. And I don’t have the just-right Christmas red! Or all the greens!

I’m going to need a bigger palette.


Sandy Allnock did a great blog post and video series about watercolor paint, Daniel Smith in particular (my watercolor of choice) and making paint swatches here.

Also. You may notice that I have the same paint color twice in the top picture. I got a little confused while I was painting. I’ll fix it later.

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