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Coffee cups #3

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The first daily painting project I heard of was when Jolie Guillebeau was interviewed on this podcast. She talked about her painting a day project, where she committed to making a piece of art every day for 100 days.

Keetha Jolie G mug

Every morning, Jolie sent out her newsletter with a photo of her artwork along with a story about it. Each piece was available for sale. The first day, that piece of art was $1. The second day, that artwork was $2. The third day, the next piece of art was $3, and on and on for 100 days.

Keetha mug set up

On the podcast interview, she mentioned she was doing another daily art project, this time with pottery. I signed up for her newsletter and one morning, I acted fast enough to get this coffee mug. The colors are so pretty – soft blues and greens that flow together. I love its graceful lines.

Later, I got to talk to Jolie on the phone when she interviewed creatives for a study she was working on as part of her graduate work in art therapy and counseling.

We discovered we had read several of the same books, and that she is also from the south.

The mug she made that’s now on my bookshelf makes me think of Jolie. It’s like a sweet little nudge to try things, to do something different, and to reach out.

More about Jolie:


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Coffee cups #2

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I bought it at T.J. Maxx. It was during my first year at a job, right out of college. It was probably on a Friday, pay day.

It looked sophisticated. The cloisonné-esque look reminded me of the living room of friends of my parents we’d visit when I was a kid, all navy blue and rust orange.

Keetha navy mug

The cup and saucer was for Saturday morning, the only time I drank out of it. As was my unnamed ritual, I fixed a cup of coffee, maybe two, then leave home and make the round of gift shops in the small town where I lived. I’m not sure what I was looking for – something fun, something unexpected, something surprising to make me feel good – but I never found it. Inevitably, I returned home feeling wistful and not knowing why.


Keetha navy cup and saucer

I don’t drink out of this cup; it’s too shallow and is probably meant for tea. It’s an actual cup, one-half the cup-and-saucer duo, while I prefer a diner-style coffee mug.

Still I keep it. The colors, everything about it that spelled sophistication to my 22-year-old self – it’s a sweet recollection of that time, of my 22-year-old self. I want to tell her, “You buy that cup and saucer set for yourself. Yes.”


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Coffee cups #1

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Last year, I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I Marie Kondo’d my closet (not a big deal) and my books (very big deal).

It freed up shelf space around the house, and also changed the way I thought about things, products, merchandise. When I’m at Target or Anthropologie, I stop and think; Is this something I really want? A lot of times the answer is, “Nah.”

Keetha mug


Sometimes the answer is, “Oh, heck yeah.” I bought a white coffee cup at a secondhand shop. I can’t remember where or when but I know I bought it simply because I liked it.

I bought it to have in my office – to put stuff in, maybe or to display on a shelf.

I don’t drink out of it, I don’t store things in it. It’s just there to be there.

Keetha shelves white coffee mug


The week before last, I painted a coffee cup each day. This week, I’ll share those paintings and the story behind each cup. 


I sketched this cup super fast after I got frustrated trying to exactly draw the lines of the coffee mug I was looking at. After I did the painting, I still like this one.

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Easter week

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Keetha Easter art


Keetha spring shelves


Keetha spring wall

Keetha Easter kitchen

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Artist I love: Zakkiya of Inkstruck Studio

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Meet Zakkiya of Inkstruck Studio. I found her via Instagram and from there, visited her web site.


She is so talented! In her shop, she has gorgeous florals and animal prints, as well as monograms and greeting cards.


Just as impressive as her artistic ability is how generous she is with her knowledge. Zakkiya regularly posts tutorials on everything from calligraphy to easy seasonal DIY projects, such as abstract Easter eggs. She also has a blog series about learning to watercolor. These posts have lots of specific information about techniques and products – it’s like a mini class in each post.

Thanks, Zakkiya and Inkstruck Studio, for coming to visit!

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