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Last year, I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I Marie Kondo’d my closet (not a big deal) and my books (very big deal).

It freed up shelf space around the house, and also changed the way I thought about things, products, merchandise. When I’m at Target or Anthropologie, I stop and think; Is this something I really want? A lot of times the answer is, “Nah.”

Keetha mug


Sometimes the answer is, “Oh, heck yeah.” I bought a white coffee cup at a secondhand shop. I can’t remember where or when but I know I bought it simply because I liked it.

I bought it to have in my office – to put stuff in, maybe or to display on a shelf.

I don’t drink out of it, I don’t store things in it. It’s just there to be there.

Keetha shelves white coffee mug


The week before last, I painted a coffee cup each day. This week, I’ll share those paintings and the story behind each cup. 


I sketched this cup super fast after I got frustrated trying to exactly draw the lines of the coffee mug I was looking at. After I did the painting, I still like this one.