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When I was little, I went with a babysitter to her house. I don’t remember anything about it except for the bulletin board in her bedroom. It was thick with ticket stubs, programs from plays, spirit ribbons, and dried corsages. It was the most wondrous thing I’d ever seen and I wanted one, too.

I’ve had a bulletin board in my room ever since. These days my bulletin board is less about saving ephemera (I definitely keep those things, just in a book) and more about being a vision/inspiration board. It has seasonal art and quotes (lots from this calendar – this is the second year I’ve gotten one and I love it) and a photo or two.

When I’m at my desk, I spend a fair amount of time staring into space, meaning my eyes land on that vision/inspiration board a lot.

I put the things I like on it and don’t think too hard about it. When I realize I’m not getting much “juice” from looking at it, that’s when I know it’s time to rearrange and/or put up different stuff.

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