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Easter was last weekend, and it had lots of good parts. Sitting down a family-favorite meal: white beans, cole slaw, skillet potatoes, and cornbread on Friday night. Easter egg hunt on Saturday morning. Lunch on the porch at Sal & Mookie’s – warm sunshine and delicious food, followed by a visit to the Natural Science Museum. Easter service at my parent’s church, my mom playing the piano. Easter dinner, and all the talking and visiting in between.

Probably my favorite part was Saturday afternoon after we got home from the museum and running errands. We sat on the porch and visited while Jeffrey and Lan tended the grill.  It was twilight, the gloaming, such a pretty, gentle part of the day as it slides into evening.

I’d love to have more of this – outdoors, easy talk, and enjoying one another. They’re my favorite.

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