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I daydreamed about those white roller skates. The ones you could rent at Roller World were brown with orange stoppers. They looked nothing like the ice skates the pretty figure skaters wore in the Olympics.

In my daydreams my roller skates were gleaming white leather and they played my favorite roller skating songs – Xanadu and Gloria – at the rink where I glided across the big expanse of smooth baby blue like I was flying, and my bangs were perfectly feathered, like Lexie in Ice Castles.

One year for my birthday I got a pair of my very own roller skates – pristine white skates. And! A fuzzy purple ball to go on it.

My birthday is coming up this weekend. I’m looking forward to a meal of my favorites and getting together with family and birthday cake.

I don’t have to hit the roller rink in gleaming white skates to get that special birthday feeling.

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