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Last month, I kept seeing a post on Instagram and Facebook about how it must surely be January 74th.
I always feel like I’m in the minority but I like January.
Part of the reason why starts in December and makes the perfect storm when it comes to the new year, new you phenomenon.
I spend the last ten or twelve days of the year without the regular tethers. Our every routine is replaced by or at least affected doings and giddiness of the holidays – watch Elf together in the den, eat junk food, wrap gifts instead of housecleaning. A lot of my normal day-to-day tasks are replaced by something Christmas-related. On a Friday night, we’re traveling for Christmas instead hanging out with the Bravermans.
By the time early January rolls around, getting back to routine beckons. Only it won’t be the same me at my routine, no, because it will be improved and happy and mindful me at new and efficient and loving routines.
Being away from the normal for a solid week or two makes it seem so possible. Not pie in the sky, “Oh, someday I will get organized,” but for real, possible. A new calendar, days wide open for possibilities.
Bring on January!
My birthday is in January which brings some sparkle to the month. This year, January also included several snow days. More sparkle.
And now it’s February. I’m out of my new routine, the one I crafted so thoughtfully.
It’s a good time to take stock. Am I doing what I want to be doing? If not, why?
Here’s to good months ahead!