Christmas Swirls Downloadable Printable

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Right-click to save and print. 🙂


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The thing about watercolor is

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Keetha blue green watercolor 03-14-16

Even when it doesn’t turn out right, it turns out even better.

This blue green watercolor came out nothing at all like what I had in mind, and I like it so much.

There’s a life lesson here somewhere, I’m sure of it.

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The 30 paintings in 30 days continues

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Keetha abstract purple

Hey look! Some colors besides pink! (Well. There is a little pink.)

Keetha abstract

How about that?

Keetha abstract and green

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More play

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Keetha DePriest abstract 30in30

No matter what colors I think I’m going to use, all week I’ve painted and drawn with pinks and purples and all kinds of hues in between. Huh. Something about January calls those kinds of colors to me – birthday colors, fairy tale colors.

Keetha DePriest abstract close 30in30

Magical winter afternoon colors – that’s what they make me think of. Magic that comes from a book or the imagination or remembering.

I like winter. 🙂

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