daisy cake + my mom’s birthday: Watercolor a Day Month of May #17

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daisy cake watercolor #17 Keetha

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Happy Birthday, Dad! Watercolor a Day Month of May #8

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watercolor a day Keetha baseball #8

My dad is not much on being sentimental but. He loves the St. Louis Cardinals, and I know that he loves the Cards because it connects him to his dad, and to his dad’s dad.

They lived in the boot heel of Missouri, and listened to the Cardinals game on the radio (they didn’t own a TV). I’ve pictured them – my dad, his older brother, their dad, and grandad – sitting on the front porch after supper, listening to the game, eyes getting heavy on long summer nights.

It appears that I’m a Cardinals fan, too, and for the same reason.


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Coffee cups #5

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Keetha birthday mug

The mug stays at Mom and Dad’s. It’s been around for years and when we get together to celebrate a birthday, we get down the birthday mug for the birthday boy or girl to use. It’s the only time anyone drinks from it.

It’s a “magic” mug because it appears to have a cake with candles on it. Then! When it’s filled with hot coffee the candles light up!

I love how something as simple as a coffee mug (even a magical one) can become part of a tradition, how it adds a little something more – something personal, something familiar, something ours – to a birthday get-together.

Also. I realized at some point that I hadn’t finished painting the handle on the coffee mug. I didn’t notice that until after I’d taken the photos and downloaded them.

The coffee cup posts:


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Birthday land

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Keetha birthday banner mantle

The current state of our mantle. I decorated it the other day, just in time for my birthday on Thursday.

Keetha bday close


Keetha birthday banner streamers

Is it obnoxious to do this for your own birthday? Possibly?

Oh, well.

I think everyone’s birthday is cause for celebration.


Keetha birthday candle box


The in-process part looked like this:

Keetha birthday banner process

It snowed today, which was the icing on the birthday cake. 🙂

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You’ll never guess who has a birthday this week

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Keetha mixed media birthday cake

Keetha mixed media


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Heck yeah birthday cake

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Keetha DePriest birthday cake

A page from my art journal. I used a palette knife to make the yellow background. I had pink paint left over so I used the palette knife to clean it up on the opposite page.

Keetha DePriest art journal birthday cake


I love the way it looks like pink plaster. Just like the other time, totally unintentional.


Keetha DePriest acrylic cake

I painted the candles using those gelatos. The rest of the paint is acrylic.


Keetha DePriest pink palette knife


I may cut that page out and put it in a frame!

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