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Green is my favorite color. So is blue. And autumn!

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When I was getting together this week’s Wednesdays Are For Watercolor (sign up here!), these were on my desk. I love having lots of goodies to look at.

Yay green!

Every other week or so, I send watercolors and stories to email inboxes. I’d love to send them to you, too!  Sign up here!


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What’s on your vision/inspiration board?

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When I was little, I went with a babysitter to her house. I don’t remember anything about it except for the bulletin board in her bedroom. It was thick with ticket stubs, programs from plays, spirit ribbons, and dried corsages. It was the most wondrous thing I’d ever seen and I wanted one, too.

I’ve had a bulletin board in my room ever since. These days my bulletin board is less about saving ephemera (I definitely keep those things, just in a book) and more about being a vision/inspiration board. It has seasonal art and quotes (lots from this calendar – this is the second year I’ve gotten one and I love it) and a photo or two.

When I’m at my desk, I spend a fair amount of time staring into space, meaning my eyes land on that vision/inspiration board a lot.

I put the things I like on it and don’t think too hard about it. When I realize I’m not getting much “juice” from looking at it, that’s when I know it’s time to rearrange and/or put up different stuff.

Every other week or so, I send watercolors and stories to email inboxes. I’d love to send them to you, too!  Sign up here!


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Christmas Home

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Christmas mixed media Keetha

At Mom’s request, I painted my parents’ house, decked out for Christmas.



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Easter art

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Keetha mixed media Easter

I’ve had a hankering to do some brightly-colored cheery spring art! I even added the 21 to it because that’s right around the day spring season officially started (it’s either the 20th or 21st – I never can remember).

Here’s what I did:

I started with an 8×8″ gesso board. I like these because you can stamp on them – it has a strong, flat surface that won’t bend or give the way a canvas might.1 8x8 gesso board

Keetha mixed media tutorial

I used book pages for the background layer. I used an old Sam’s Club card to apply gel medium under the pages and over them. The gel medium dries clear and creates a nice surface you can write or paint on.

Then I brushed on some yellow paint – I was thinking about daffodils – in a random fashion.

3 Keetha add yellow paint - 2nd layer


Next, I added another paper element. I think this card came from an issue of Flow magazine. I brushed some of the same yellow paint onto the card to help it look more at home.

Keetha gelli print side.JPG


I took some of the deli paper I printed using the gelli plate and wrapped it on the bottom edge and up onto the board, using the gel medium to adhere it. I really like the effect – the deli paper is transparent. Doesn’t it look cool?


Keetha spring hand lettered

I had some background paper laying out that I had painted with spring colors with the idea using it for an April calendar; that’s a story for another blog post. I had ink and a round brush nearby from the art journal class so I hand lettered Easter words on it.

I didn’t know what I wanted to do with that page, so it was just sitting out on my work desk. That’s what I used to cover two other sides. See? Being messy pays sometimes. 🙂

Easter mixed media Keetha


I added a few more elements and marks. Even a big green blob, for some reason. Since the surface is coated with gel medium, I could sketch on it and erase as needs me. Good thing, too, because I had a time drawing those eggs. I think of eggs as being oval when it turns out they’re more, er, egg-shaped.

Keetha mixed media spring


Next, I painted the eggs. I wanted them to look like the eggs my brother and I had colored as kids, using the Paas kits – those bright primary colors. First, I had to decide which eggs to paint which colors. So I did this.

egg color order

I know. I have this weird mix of right-brain and left-brain. I painted the colors onto pieces, cut them out, and arranged them and rearranged them until they were in the order I wanted.

I used a stencil, some rub-ons, and a paint marker to add more interest.

spring art Keetha mixed media


The other side covered with gelli-printed deli paper:

Keetha gelli print deli paper


That green blob of paint bugged me. It seemed too jarring. I covered it with bright turquoise. Then it picks up the turquoise on the deli paper near the bottom.

To finish, I highlighted the Easter eggs with a little white, and dripped gold acrylic paint from the top. I spritzed the gold paint with water to get it drip better. Since the surface is covered with the gel medium, the water doesn’t mess up any of the paper or paint beneath.

Keetha spring art mixed media Easter


All done!


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Winter is here; Valentine’s is coming

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Keetha mixed media

Piecing together this Valentine took me back to elementary school – cold outside, a brightly lit classroom, bits of colored paper.

I cut strips of paper from designs I had made and pasted them onto a heart shape. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it from here. Scan it and print it onto cards? Put it onto a mixed media piece? Both?

Yes, please.

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You’ll never guess who has a birthday this week

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Keetha mixed media birthday cake

Keetha mixed media


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