Toolbox Tuesday

Kitchen blocks

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The good thing about Christmas decorations is that they don’t have to serve a purpose. If you like it, if it makes you smile, it doesn’t need to do anything else except sit there and look pretty.

All I thought about while making this Kitchen Block was how soaked-in-holiday-joy playing in the kitchen can be.


Toolbox 12-02-14


Now I wish I had a red- and white-striped mixing bowl like that. I’d make excuses to bake just to get it out.

But wait! There’s more!

Turn it over and boom! Recipe for sugar cookies.


Toolbox block 2 12-02-14


It started with a plain wooden block. Jeffrey cut a dozen or so for me from a 2 x 4 board that he had laying around.

12-02-14 Toolbox Tues.

I’ll be making more for the shop!

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Thursday’s coming

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Toolbox 11-25-14


That means preparing and looking forward while enjoying. I’m rubbing my hands together because I get to bake a pie. My brother told me about an Alton Brown pie crust method he saw on an episode of Good Eats. I may give it a try.

I get to use the set of miniature cookie cutters to make leaves for the edges of the pie pastry. Oh, heck, yeah.


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The best kind of paper is the kind you use

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Toolbox 11-18-14


Mixed media paper is the bomb. I like that I can use it for watercolor and acrylic and sketching and whatever the heck I want to.

I have special watercolor paper but I’m “saving” it for something. So it sits, still in the package, whereas I pull this pad of mixed media paper down all the time and use it. The sheets are big – 11 x 14 inches – so I can cut them to whatever size I need.

The cover says vellum surface and it really does feel like vellum under my hand – so smooth and creamy.

The paper is thick and that makes it feel kind of luxurious, too, but not so luxurious that I’m reluctant to experiment.

Plenty of sheets come in a pad, which is all the better for art play.


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Am I blue*

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blue toolbox Tuesday


Apparently, I like blue. Mostly in one particular shade of sky-aqua-robins’ egg-blue. I must have a dozen or more bottles in that color family.

This post is a Toolbox Tuesday theme. Shades of blue are one of my favorite tools. Painting a swath of it on a clean blank surface — just that — makes me happy because it’s so pretty.

*With a nod to King George. Of course.

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