What love looks like

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This is what love looks like. A church fellowship hall with its arms opened wide to greet us and comfort us.

My grandparents lived in Shelby, Mississippi for years. They raised four children there. For most of my life, it’s where we went for Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. We played hide and seek outside, and spades, spoons, and Trivial Pursuit inside. We played tennis baseball in the backyard in the summer and football at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

My grandmother moved from there 15 years ago or more. We haven’t celebrated a holiday there in so long.

And yet. When my grandmother passed away week before last, Shelby friends from way back went into motion. They opened the doors to a fellowship hall for the family gather before the funeral and after. An Army Navy lace cloth covered the table. There were cookie trays, a burnt orange percolator of coffee, homemade fudge, sliced bundt cake, and homemade pimiento cheese.

The familiarity of coming home to Shelby, to be among family friends felt right. The names, the faces, the voices, the cadence of stories and memories – it was all the same, just as my eight-year-old self remembered.

My cousins and I played in the den next to the kitchen and heard those voices telling stories and laughing – so much laughing. We heard cards shuffled for another hand of bridge, coffee cups set on the table. The talking and the camaraderie I heard late into the night as we fell asleep on quilt pallets in the den floor next to the kitchen — that’s what I remember.

We were back in Shelby to lay my grandmother to rest. It was a beautiful spring Delta day and those familiar voices from childhood, the same stories, the same hugs — it was like being in that world again. She would have been pleased to no end.

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This little gal

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Keetha watercolor a week Halloween


I painted this little doodle from a Halloween decoration. The process looked like this:
Keetha watercolor a week witch

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What looks like Halloween around here

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Keetha Halloween rosette

That’s about it.

So far.


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Workspace Wednesday*

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Last week it was a photo of my desktop. This week, the bulletin board/vision board/inspiration board that hangs above it. I changed it out over the weekend so it really catches my eye. You know, if you have something in your home and it’s always in the same place, after a while you stop seeing it? I want this hanging above my desk to draw my attention. It’s fodder for daydreaming and brainstorming.

Keetha DePriest vision board


And just for enjoyment, too. Eye candy.

Keetha DePriest ampersand

While I change out the images and textures, illustrations of the three values I hold dear: warmth, delight, and artistry are always posted on the board. In everything I do, I want to reflect these and/or create from them. I don’t guess I have to see the words literally spelled out before me and yet – seeing them every single day, especially first thing in the morning – I can’t help but think that infuses my work somehow.

Maybe that’s magical thinking but I’ll take it.

*I love the idea of having these – Watercolor a Week Tuesday, Workspace Wednesday, something-something Thursday. Now to just remember that we have these themes for each day.

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candy corn season

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Keetha DePriest watercolor candy corn fall Halloween




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Celebrating October with books

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The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

I read The Graveyard Book this week and enjoyed it so much. It was the perfect book to ring in October.

Do you have any seasonal reads?

In other news, since we’re talking about spooky and eerie books — Gone Girl opens today! If you go see it, let me know what you think of it. But don’t tell me the ending. (I understand it’s different from the book and that author Gillian Flynn consulted on the screenplay.)


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