Workplace Wednesday

Couple of years ago, I built myself a work desk.

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Sounds impressive, huh?

I exaggerate. Fueled by Pinterest, I came up with the idea. Jeffrey helped make it a reality and together, we built it.

Studio after 001


We started with two 9-cube shelving units from Target, one for each end.

Office during 008

I put them together while watching Mississippi State play in the College Baseball World Series, so that must have been in 2013. (I often use SEC sports as hallmarks like that.)

We got a standard size hollow-core door from the local hardware store for the work surface. I painted it white and Jeffrey secured it to the shelving units with L-brackets.

On the count of three, we turned it right side up and I’ve loved it ever since.

Even if I don’t always keep it completely tidy.

11-19-14 wkplace Wed.


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Raw materials

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Keetha DePriest workplace Wednesday

Book pages covered with gesso, canvas strips ready to be embellished, and paintbrushes, reporting for duty.

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